Want to Listen to Rinpoche’s Teachings Again?

Those who attended the August teachings may purchase recordings of Rinpoche’s talks on the Manjushri sadhana (Thursday, August 17) and Eliminating the Darkness of Ignorance (Friday, August 18 – Sunday, August 20) . Regrettably, due to technical problems, we are unable to offer a recording of the teaching on Downpour of Blessings (Wed, August 17).

Prices for the teachings are as follows:
$15: Manjushri
$10. Friday night public teaching only of Eliminating the Darkness of Ignorance
$30: Entire Weekend on Eliminating the Darkness of Ignorance

If you have not already expressed interest, but wish to order the teachings, please send an email to registration@mindroloselling.org, indicating which teachings you are requesting. Again, please only request the teachings you originally heard in person.

Dee Henn has graciously offered to handle these requests, and will follow up with you soon by sending you an invoice and then a link to the teachings.