Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche to Teach at Ösel Ling

Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche

Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche

We are delighted to announce Rinpoche’s return to Ösel Ling in August. A weekend of three wonderful teachings is planned. While specific details on each program will be posted soon, registration has  already opened. Discounts on tuition are available for those registering before July 11th.

Rinpoche has significantly reduced the number of places she will teach in the U.S. this year.  We have already been getting messages and phone calls from people outside of the state who would like to register. It’s possible Osel Ling could reach capacity for one or more of the teachings well before August 19, so please register soon if you plan to attend.  Note: you will now be able to register without extra fees!

Rinpoche’s Schedule

Public Talk: The Essence of Buddhism
Friday, August 19, 7:00 PM

The Way of the Bodhisattva
Saturday, August 20: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Note: Rinpoche will also be giving the Bodhisattva Vow to those wishing to receive it.

The Heart Sutra
Sunday, August 21: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Ösel Ling now accepts registration fees online through PayPal.

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